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A Directory of Ghana Spiritualists:                    

Wiase Y3 a good maxim that our elders have been saying. They continue to say that "S3 Wiase Nny3 Hu a, nky3, yekoda a , yennto pon mu" lit because of the fear of the unknown that is why we close our doors when we sleep.   Well God created man and gave us the environment and gave some of our people masterly over nature. Yes, some of our people are MEDIUMS, SHAMANS, AKOMFO, ASOFO, SUNSUMSORFO), ALHAJI, EVANGELISTS, PASTORS, ADIIFO), NKONHYEFO), BOSOMFO), NISINFO), ABOFO)......They all have the ability to understand the paranormal and are playing very important roles in our lives. Pulse - Life Without Music.mp3|Steel Pulse - Life Without Music

Biribi W) Beebi.....Wiase Y3 Hu Ampa

This Directory is Made as a Resource Guide for Any One Looking for Spiritual Support in Their Lives and also as a document of History.