Arts in Education, Demonstrations & Workshops

ICACA  is currently involved in a number of Arts in Education programs in public schools in Ghana. It also sponsor cultural lectures, performances, demonstrations and workshops led by outstanding traditional musicians and fine artists, producing or teaching such arts as percussion, paintings, storytelling, social and religious dances, wood carving, basket weaving, pottery, Tye and Dye making, and Culinary arts. These programmes are held at selected sites and in several locations selected by the Centre.

Community Development

The Eight Millennium Development Goals, agreed by the UN underpins the poverty reduction policies and activities of ICACA's community development and social change's programmes. The Millennium Development Goals require the international community to:

  • eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
  • achieve universal primary education;
  • promote gender equality and empower women;
  • reduce child mortality;
  • improve maternal health;
  • combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
  • ensure environmental sustainability;
  • develop a global partnership for development.

ICACA through its various departments, and working in collaboration with the CENTER FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL CHANGE, a community NGO in Ghana and other governmental, non-governmental and community based organizations is involved in using theatre for effective community change. Groups  currently in the program are the Africana Dance Company, Ebibiman Cultural Troupe, the Borbor Fantse Dance Company, Kwaanan and the Kyidom Drummers, the Obrumankoma, Odapagyan and Oson Traditionals, Etsii Krowaa Kusum Agoromma, Akwakrom Abele Group, the Ekumfi Bogyano Women's Group and the Botweben Brass Band.



Identifying,Recording  and Documenting Individuals and Community Cultural groups with expert knowledge about traditional life and arts.  By interviewing people and documenting them with audio or video recordings, photographs, and field notes, we are able to prepare and preserve a record of local life for later generations.  Our current project's focus areas are Mankessim , Baafikrom, Enyan Maim, Ekumfi Akwaakrom, Ekumfi Aarkra, Nkwanta, Krofu, Obidan, Ekumfi Suprudu and Gyedu( Mfantseman); Abrafu, Gyankobo, Mensakrom, Tweapease, Wawase, Ankakor, Twifu-Hemang ( Twifu-Hemang-Denkyira), Larteh, Amanorkrom, Mamfe, Obosomase ( Eastern region) and some communities in the Ashanti Region.

Community History Project

The Community History Project is a program to document the histories of rural communities ie. Its founders, original inhabitants and the meanings of the names.


 Publications & Recordings

Using new research and materials from the archives, ICACA will produce a number of publications and recordings that interpret specific traditional arts and artists for the public. 


Over the years ICACA will accumulate a significant collection of primary materials from research projects and from contributions of folklore scholars who have worked in the continent and in Diaspora. The collections will include audio and video tapes, photographs and slides, interview transcripts, student research projects and books. These are the primary materials upon which we will base our projects, such as exhibits, publications, and radio programs. Materials from our collections would be made available to students, scholars and the general public for educational purposes.

Contact:  https://www.youtube.com/prekeseghanamedia         


Radio Productions

The Centre in collaboration with community based NGOS and media houses will help produce and sponsor educational programs on radios in local languages. Topics covered will be on civic education and pertinent problems confronting the communities. Most of the programs will be interspersed with folk music presentations and the youth members of the Centre given opportunities to share their views on national cultural and development issues. The Centre is currently seeking funding to establish a community based Radio Station of its own to cater for the marginalized population in Ghana. Internationally, We have working relationships with a number of Ghanaian Diaspora online radio stations ( STAR ELOH RADIO) based in New Jersey; AKWAABA Radio in DC,USA; AHEMFO Radio,Canada, MIGHTY FM, Virginia,USA, EB Radio,Germany and ANIDASOO Radio in Belgium:




ICACA Folklore Cyber Classroom

ICACA has plans to create a website dedicated to educational resource materials for school age and adult learners and teachers about the folk culture and traditional arts of the continent and the diaspora.  Programs at the site will include music, art, architecture, food, and more.


 Festivals and Sankofa Heritage Awards

 ICACA has been hosting annual community festivals aimed at bringing artists together to network, share their experience and to promote the culture. During these festivals, special awards are giving to deserving people in the country who have made tremendous contributions to the cultural arts and community development. Sankofa Heritage Awards honors and recognize the contributions of individuals, families or community groups who have mastered traditional arts or customs identified with the continent and have remained committed to passing them on to future generations.  These awards are given at special festivals organized by the Centre or in collaboration with other organizations or institutions at home or internationally.


The Centre has also had the opportunity to participate or be represented at a number of International Festivals, Conferences and Seminars. Among them are the Africa and China Collaboration( Africhina) in Taiwan, International Percussion Festival at Kutztown University,USA, the International African Arts Festival, Brooklyn, Dance Africa,Brooklyn, Bronx Festival, Harlem Week, Akans of America Community Arts Festival and the PASIC ( Percussive Arts Society's International Conference) in Nashville.


Register of Special Cultural Sites and Places

The Register of Special Cultural Sites Places [RSCSP] is a project to be undertaken by ICACA to create an inventory or register of sites in culturally significant communities in Ghana that are special to the life of those communities. This project will encourage and train local citizens to nominate and document places such as cultural sites, important general stores, barber shops, concert halls, and community gathering places that have special meaning to those who use them. The register will be a central repository for information about the sites and a resource for historic preservation activities.


International Collaborations

The Centre is affiliated to and has a working relations with a number of International Cultural Organisations and Institutions. Among them are the Percussive Arts Society International, USA; African Traditional Religion and Alternative Healing Inc. North Carolina; Akan Spiritual United Order (A.S.U.O.)Washington DC;  OBAATANPA House of Hope Int. NYC; New World Drummers Inc, New Mexico, Afrikuumba African Music and Dance Company, Rochester, NY; JU Percussion Group and Music School, Taiwan and Afridonia, Scotland.

Consulting Services

Our staff is available to consult with faculty and administrators of schools, community arts organizations or historical societies, and with corporate, business or civic leaders about developing African centred cultural arts programs. The focus of these programs will be in the performing arts from which all aspects of African Culture emanates.